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Subtitling is a specialist service which differs from regular translation work. It requires excellent written reformulation skills to convey the same meaning and subtleties of the spoken word while using as few characters as possible. The technique calls upon the very highest language levels.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE has succeeded in selecting qualified and experienced subtitlers in many language combinations.

It is crucial to fully understand the client’s requisites, especially in terms of format. RAPTRAD IMAGINE can adapt in order to work with each clients’ software and take into account all types of constraint.

Quality subtitling starts with creating the transcript of the spoken word. It is then essential to apply all the skills necessary for reformulating as accurately as possible.

Next, the text is translated for subtitling, in a way similar to adaptation because the reader must be able to take in as much information as possible from a reduced number of characters. This key step requires real mastery of the target language.

The video file is also timecoded in accordance with the target format, either before or after the text adaptation stage.