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Beyond “simple” translation, transcreation involves completely recreating a text written in a different language, taking the specific cultural aspects associated with the target language or audience into account.

If you feel that your material requires greater creative license to obtain more locally appropriate marketing content, “transcreation” is a solution that allows more freedom to adapt the original content than a regular translation.

Communication material sometimes needs more than simply writing the words of the source text in the target language. The meaning and overall intention of the original source text has to come across, but in words and images better suited to the target audience.

Here are a few examples:

> An advertisement in English referring to a television program that is well-known in Britain will require adaptation to generate the same effect among the readership in another country.

> Product data forms might need modifying to reflect regional specifics.

> Legal restrictions can also dictate what you can or cannot write in relation to your products and services in different countries.

> Changing certain images or graphics could guarantee a better impact for different cultures.