Our Lines of Business

Raptrad Imagine, Facilitating Communications

We create, translate and optimize your multichannel technical and marketing content.

Your conventional technical and marketing content will benefit from our increasingly varied range of multilingual digital tools. Our knowledge of different cultures and our capacity to handle both classic and digital technologies means that we are ideally positioned to handle the specific challenges and requirements of international expansion, writing, translation, localization, linguistic engineering and communications that face companies with international ambitions.

An SME on a human scale and a subsidiary of the AREA & Partners Group, our creative offering sets us apart, along with our quality skills, innovative mindset and performance driven by continual improvement.

Raptrad Imagine is an ISO 9001-certified agency, which attests to our quality management system. We also conduct business in line with standard ISO 17100, which aims at harmonizing translation-related terminology, establishing the basic requirements for language service providers (human resources, technical equipment, quality control and project management) and also specifying the rights and obligations of clients and service providers arising from their business relations.

Translation and Localization

In this era of globalization, Raptrad Imagine will guide you through the challenges of creating multilingual and technical communications, providing a bespoke service. Quality translations not only require first-class language skills, but also in-depth knowledge of the field in question. Therefore, we select only expert profiles for your sector of business. We combine this with thorough monitoring and a wide variety of language solutions such as translation memory and terminology management, localization and quality control, which are all essential steps in our profession.


The graphic design services in our processes—inextricably linked to language services—are provided by our visual communication design studio, IMAGINE, which forms an integral part of our structure for a production chain that is as responsive as it is competitive.

Writing and Interpretation

Writing clear, instructive content that remains coherent and uniform throughout, setting it off with illustrations, and all perfectly in line with your needs for the international scene. Among our staff, we boast a team of experienced writers; a major asset boosting the suitability and reliability of our overall work. Together, we determine the target, the content and the documentation format that are right for you.

Custom tools

From a simple secure FTP server to a Sharepoint server, web services (API) to a collaborative web portal with dashboards, reporting, discussion forum and terminology base, we can set up or develop communication and workflow tools tailored to your processes for optimized, simple and effective content management.

Our Offering

Translation levels to suit your NEEDS AND BUDGET

Level1Automatic translation +Our real-time translation tool is renowned for its speed of execution and its favorable rates. It is ideal for internal content, translation / understanding of tenders, online help and product support.
Level2Professional translation without revision
Professional translations at low cost without revision. This level is ideal when the budget is small and the risks lower, for internal communications for example.
Level3Post-editing and copyediting
Location of media with regular update and large volume in a given area. Conforms to the ISO 18587 standard.
Level4Translation and revision
Professional translation followed by a review by a second professional. Complies with ISO EN 17100.
Level5AdaptationAdaptation of marketing content.
Level6TranscreationAdaptation to a targeted culture of slogans, commercials, strategic press releases, premium marketing content, idioms and other untranslatable cultural references.


Raptrad Imagine has developed a software suite designed to manage production and resources (both internal and external) and to share information with clients:

E-Portal Project monitoring, dashboards, KPI (quality), reporting, file transfers E-Performance Translation analysis and scoring tool E-Talent Management and monitoring of internal and external resources E-Project Production management, sharing and management of translation memories and glossaries

A real-time Collaborative-oriented Solution and Responsiveness

To steer and successfully conclude your project, it is essential to establish excellent communication and efficient, responsive collaboration involving everyone taking part in the project: translators, revisers, reviewers and project managers.

We use high-performance, high-technology software, translation memories, quality control and management tools to achieve optimal efficiency. You can use our own secure tools, including an FTP server, a collaborative web portal/CPMS, GroupShare.

We pay particularly close attention to data security and confidentiality. We are equipped to handle confidential and classified content.

Our Fields of Activity

Energy and Transportation

For over 30 years, RAPTRAD IMAGINE has been working alongside Energy and Transportation companies to develop content strategy with translators who are experts in the field. We help you develop and consolidate your international business, including the following fields: – Renewable energy, gas and oil exploration and production. – Urban and individual transportation, road, rail and maritime.

Our linguists have been tested with stringent quality exams and have in-depth knowledge of your industry.


Legal translation is a particularly demanding field. Our mission is to support you with genuine localization to enable you to take the relevant cultural context into account and ensure that the end result complies with all legal requirements. Raptrad Imagine can, for example, provide you with sworn translations in several languages. We work with expert translators, who have been approved by a Court of Appeal, to handle these requests for official translations. All translations by a sworn translator are automatically certified. A sworn translator is recognized as being a Ministerial Officer and certifies that a translation is a true copy of the original document. To have the value of a sworn translation, the document must be stamped and signed by the officially-recognized translator. We take care of all these aspects.


Aerospace and Defense companies have internationalization needs and are subject to stringent requirements regarding compliance. We have extensive experience working with aerospace and defense giants. Our specialists are therefore well-placed to support airliner, business jet and military aircraft manufacturers, as well as suppliers to these industries, and help them to roll out their technical and communication projects.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications translation is specific in that it requires so much more than the transposition of wording; it involves completely adapting the target message to a different country, culture and context. Our linguists can convey high-impact advertising messages and adapt journalistic language and idioms to suit different cultures. You will benefit from all our expertise in transcreation and SEO translation to ensure that your underlying message remains intact. We often handle the following types of material: websites and intranet, corporate brochures, whitepapers, press files and press releases, magazines, in-house newsletters, videos and mobile applications, web banners and web animation, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

Translations in the field of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals are some of the most complex to address because they demand highly specific and comprehensive knowledge. It is essential to understand the terminology of this type of document while respecting the form, which is also dictated by strict standards. Our professional specialized translators can handle all your requests. Raptrad Imagine translates the following documents in particular (non-exhaustive list): medical handbooks, user instructions for instruments, drug packaging and inserts, scientific brochures, test reports, medical and scientific journal articles, laboratory tests, etc.

Finance and Economics

Our language specialists from the field of finance and economics strive to meet your expectations in terms of quality on a daily basis. These are two highly specific areas requiring the ability to interpret the source texts and understand the technical content along with the global context of the subject matter in hand. As a specialist translation agency, Raptrad Imagine can therefore handle all your requests relating to finance and economics: financial analysis documentation, audit reports, business plans, etc.

Information Technology

Raptrad Imagine’s linguists have training in IT translation, which calls for distinct terminology and formats. Translating this type of material requires adapting high-tech products and software to the specific nature of your target markets. We can support you in all of your translation needs relating to software, websites, user manuals and help files.

Construction and Civil Works

Stakeholders in the construction industry must call upon the services of rigorous professional translators who are familiar with industry-specific vocabulary. Over more than 30 years, Raptrad Imagine has acquired extensive translation and communication experience in this sector, handling technical documentation, management reports, as well as internal and external communications.

Our Languages

To cover all your multilingual needs, we have set up a team of translators who have been selected based on their profile, their experience and tests according to field and document type. They all translate into their native language.


Our Branches

We are located on every continent and our network of associates and partners extends right across Europe.

Social Responsibility and the Environment

Sustainable development is a top priority for in-house management. We make every effort to remain socially responsible as we conduct our business, regarding our employees’ well-being and also our impact on the environment. Social dialog, the mobility policy, personnel support, the training plan, the environmental protection program and the professional code of ethics are all handled in accordance with corporate social responsibility issues.

In terms of environmental protection, RAPTRAD IMAGINE strives to participate in reducing CO2 emissions at company level, and favors “clean energy”.

We have undertaken the following actions:

  • Investments made, with more planned, to install heating systems that will significantly reduce our consumption of electricity.
  • Our company vehicles can under no circumstances exceed 130 g of CO2 emissions.
  • We prioritize suppliers who commit to sustainable development.

  • Eco-friendly purchases are encouraged: recycled paper or paper from certified forests.
  • We have set up schemes for reducing waste, recycling our ink cartridges and for controlling our consumption of water and electricity.
  • We are becoming more paperless every year in production and administration, which leads to significantly lower volumes of archived hard copies.

In order to promote enhanced inclusion for disabled people in France, we order certain office supplies from associations working to improve access to education, employment and mobility for disabled people, and taking action to eliminate discrimination and exclusion.