Multilingual Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we’re more than just a professional translation agency, we offer value-added linguistic solutions, and we also have an in-house graphic design department offering a wide range of desktop publishing (DTP) services.

This team combines visual communication skills and linguistic expertise to handle all your multilingual content creation and DTP needs, in full compliance with your company’s corporate identity and style guide.

Has the name of your company changed recently? Do you have large volumes of files that need to be updated and aligned with new visual identity guidelines? Or perhaps you have content in a Word document that needs to be migrated to another format, such as InDesign?

Our graphic design department is on hand to ensure the transition is perfectly seamless. We can even update your documents to reflect any recent terminology preferences too. And if you don’t have a logo or a corporate identity and style guide, we can help you create one!

Our graphic design department will make sure all your multilingual technical and marketing supports look their very best. CSR reports, corporate magazines, online newsletters, mobile apps, brochures, banners, product catalogs, white papers, you name it.

We provide fast turnaround times and rigorous quality control, ensuring our customers get professional service with the correct formatting and page layout, for both print and digital media.

Rest assured; your point of contact is still the same: you can count on your project manager at RAPTRAD IMAGINE to handle everything! Having complete control of both the translation and DTP workflows in house means that we are able to streamline the production process and pass on significant savings on to our customers.

Whether your document is in French, English, Arabic, Chinese, or any other language, our graphic design team will guarantee the right fonts and styles are used to highlight the relevant terms. Moreover, our quality assurance process also includes a dual verification by both the project manager and a native speaker of the target language prior to delivery.

We can handle any format you send our way: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Figma, Canva, FrameMaker, HTML/CSS, and more.

Our graphic design department is here to help with all your interactive media content localization needs!

Copywriting, Brand Content & Consulting

RAPTRAD IMAGINE also offers a wide range copywriting, brand content, and marketing consulting services for companies operating in an international context.

Whether you’re fitting out a stand at a trade show or a job fair, considering a new corporate signature, or preparing the roll-out of a new product, RAPTRAD IMAGINE is here to help you stand out from the competition.

Our creative team has the skill set to make sure your company strikes the right tone, all while building your brand and increasing engagement & visibility through relevant content creation and effective 360° communication strategies. Our services include:


Digital media is increasingly geared towards an international audience, which is why video subtitle translation is so important today for companies with an international foothold. Company communications, corporate videos, and the content of internal training courses require localization to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Needless to say, subtitling falls within the linguistic services we offer at RAPTRAD IMAGINE! We even have a dedicated audio-visual department to handle all the logistics and ensure our customers receive top-quality deliverables.

The process typically starts with transcription. We use voice recognition software combined with human quality control to save time and optimize costs, all while ensuring an accurate transcription of your audio content.

Subtitling requires clear and efficient translation, and possibly even text adaptation. Our teams stick to the original meaning all while limiting the number of characters.

They have also received training in timecoding and embedding subtitles, to make sure the audio aligns with the text that appears on the screen.

Do you have a video that requires subtitles in one or more languages? Let us give you a hand!

Transcription, Dubbing & Voice-Over

Adding video voice-over is an excellent way to expand the international reach of your digital content, increase engagement, and resonate with a wider target audience in different languages.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE is here to help enhance your multimedia content with voice-over and dubbing translation services.

In addition to transcription services, we also have in-house sound engineers, voice-over recording equipment, and a panel of professional voice actors and amateur voice artists working in some 50 languages for all your voice-over needs. We can also provide you with synthetic voice options.

You may already know that you would prefer a male or female voice-over, or that you need a particular dialect. Our project managers will take these factors into careful consideration when conducting voice-over auditions and composing the panel for the initial voice-over casting.

We use the latest speech-to-text systems for the transcription stage to ensure fast turnaround times before proceeding to audio translation and recording in the target language.

Once the recording stage is complete, our sound engineers will upload the voice-over script and sync the audio frame by frame to guarantee a seamless user experience with no distractions.

Do you have video or multimedia content that requires dubbing or voice-over in one or more languages? At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we go above and beyond to give voice to your multilingual projects!

Search Engine Optimization

Looking to give your company’s website international reach? RAPTRAD IMAGINE specializes in translation services for global businesses, and this extends to web translation with an international focus.

We offer website localization services combining technical expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and linguistic expertise to ensure optimal digital content localization across 50 languages.

Our SEO experts will start by conducting an initial site audit, including information extraction, to prepare a detailed report.

At Raptrad Imagine, we have access to all the latest tools such as Google Search Console, Yoast, Semrush, Screamingfrog, Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, Lighthouse, and more. Our SEO experts use these tools to identify relevant enhancements to your company’s website in a multilingual context.

Our professional linguists have extensive experience in content localization and are trained in keyword research with a view to market localization. They are keenly aware of the importance of cultural adaptation for target markets.

In parallel to the translation process, our SEO experts will work on optimizing the technical aspects of the site to enhance the overall interface and user experience. This is also an opportunity to conduct mobile application localization and testing.

Raptrad Imagine can also handle back-office tasks like integrating the translated texts.

Once the site is ready to go live, our teams remain at your disposal to make any adjustments.

This is the general outline of the process we use, but every customer is unique. The real question is: how can we help you?

Digital Creation

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, every digital and creative communication project kicks off with a conversation. We are committed to listening to your requirements and understanding your company’s strategic vision.

This initial meeting forms the cornerstone of a working relationship built on clear communication and constructive exchanges.

Once our creative team has a solid grasp of your strategic aims, this is where the imagination comes in. Our creative work is informed by the objectives you want to achieve and guided by an overarching focus on digital design, artistry, and layout.

Our team applies multicultural design strategies from start to finish to develop highly effective and creative digital solutions. Whether you’re working on developing a digital content strategy, enhancing digital branding, creating a targeted newsletter or e-mailing campaign, or digital storytelling through engaging infographics and photography, RAPTRAD IMAGE is here to give shape to your vision.

Our creative team members are attentive, proactive, and truly committed to seeing your project through to successful completion. Check out some concrete examples of our digital content creation to see for yourself!


Are you planning a videoconference with a strategic customer or partner in another country, and you don’t speak a common language?

Perhaps you’re organizing an important in-person event that’s going to bring together a variety of different speakers, and you’re not sure everyone in attendance will be able to follow along…

It sounds like you need interpretation services, and RAPTRAD IMAGINE is the partner of choice for all your multilingual interpretation needs.

Whether you require consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, online or in person, with or without the associated equipment (online platforms, interpretation booths, headsets, tabletop equipment, etc.), why don’t you let our project managers take care of the logistics? Quite a lot happens behind the scenes; you may be surprised at all the work involved!

The project manager is your main point of contact and will handle all technical and organizational aspects. First and foremost, they are responsible for selecting an interpreter that fully aligns with your needs.

For online interpreting missions, the project manager will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide in all relevant languages, so that participants can log in quickly and connect to the correct channel easily.

For in-person events, the project manager will send a detailed schedule to the interpreter(s) to ensure the day goes according to plan. They will also arrange for delivery and pick-up of any equipment, in addition to handling all administrative and travel formalities.

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we are committed to bridging the language gap and growing our customers’ business through seamless, high-quality interpreting services.


…powering progress

RAPTRAD IMAGINE has been providing high-quality language services to companies in the energy industry for over 40 years. Our panel of specialized translators have undergone stringent qualification exams to work in this sector. Their expertise helps contribute to the international development of businesses in this dynamic field.

Focus areas include renewable energies, energy transition, energy storage, energy infrastructure and maintenance, electrical power, oil & natural gas exploration and production, alternative fuels, and more.


…operating in full compliance

Legal translation is a demanding field where the stakes can be quite high.

Whether you require the translation of corporate documents, legal contracts, patents, or risk & compliance documentation, RAPTRAD IMAGINE is committed to delivering a top-quality translation. This allows our customers to focus on making sure that all signing parties fully understand the terms and conditions of the agreement in question.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE can also provide sworn translations in several languages. We work exclusively with expert translators who have been approved by a Court of Appeal. All translations by a sworn translator are automatically certified. A sworn translator is recognized as being a Ministerial Officer and certifies that a translation is a true copy of the original document. To have the value of a sworn translation, the document must be stamped and signed by the officially recognized translator.

In short, we handle all the administrative formalities, so you don’t have to!


…reaching new heights

The aerospace industry plays a key role in global economic development while ensuring strict compliance with some of the most exacting safety standards.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE has extensive experience working alongside major players in this sector, and our expertise extends from commercial and business aviation to helicopters, satellites, and beyond. Our Toulouse-based office provides valuable proximity to aerospace leaders, and our specialized linguists fully grasp the central role that safety plays in this sector.

Whether for maintenance and inspection reports, industrial processes, HSE requirements, or concessions, RAPTRAD IMAGINE will convey your message clearly in any language, leaving no room for ambiguity.


…striking a chord with new audiences

Marketing and communication translation involves adapting the target message to a different country, culture, and context. Our linguists go the extra mile to craft high-impact advertising messages and strike the right tone across different cultures.

Transcreation goes far beyond a basic word-for-word translation. RAPTRAD IMAGINE delivers a full creative package while ensuring that the core message remains intact. Best of all, our in-house linguists are on hand to discuss alternatives and make any adjustments, if necessary.

We frequently handle the following types of creative projects: marketing presentations, corporate brochures, whitepapers, press releases & press kits, magazines, newsletters, in-house mailings, web and video content, mobile applications, web banners, slogans, catchphrases, and more.


…making headway in healthcare

Translations in the medical and pharmaceutical fields are some of the most complex to address because they demand highly specific and comprehensive knowledge. It is essential to understand the terminology of this type of document while respecting the form, which is also dictated by strict standards.

The professional translators we work with in the medical field have undergone a rigorous qualification process in order to demonstrate subject matter expertise.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE has extensive experience translating the following types of documents: user instructions for medical devices, drug packaging and inserts, scientific brochures, test reports, medical and scientific journal articles, laboratory tests, training documents, and more.


…going by the numbers

For multinational companies with clients and subsidiaries all over the world, accurate and up-to-date financial documentation is vital to running a successful business. And when it comes time to have this information translated into another language, it’s essential to assign the job to a trusted partner.

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we work with a panel of language professionals specializing in finance. Our linguists have the necessary skill set to fully grasp the source text and all technical and financial details.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE frequently handles the translation of annual reports, financial statements, balance sheets, tax and fiscal documents, audit reports, market research reports, business plans, etc.


…driving change

Information technology and artificial intelligence are ever present in today’s world, shaping how we live, work, and play.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE is proud to work with a panel of professional linguists who have proven experience in the IT sector. Their commitment to staying current in this constantly changing field allows them to provide high-quality language services.

Whether you require software localization, SEO, or updated user documentation, our teams have what it takes to deliver the solution you need in any language combination.


…breaking fresh ground

The construction sector encompasses residential, commercial, and industrial construction, in addition to civil engineering infrastructures.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE has acquired over 40 years of translation and communication experience in this sector. We are accustomed to handling bidding documents, subcontractor applications, construction agreements, technical specifications, design drawings, safety reports, insurance certificates, and more.

And when it comes to international construction projects, working with a trusted language service provider is key to guaranteeing that your project stays on track. You can count on our project managers to streamline document management workflows and ensure on-time deliveries.


…raising the bar on quality

Standards organizations bring together experts to develop, coordinate, publish, revise, amend, update, interpret, and generally contribute to technical standards across a broad range of industries.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE works in close collaboration with several standardization bodies to ensure that all standards are made available in the requisite languages within highly specific time frames.

Our project managers have implemented optimized workflows at every stage in the production process. They ensure effective communication with stakeholders from the standards organizations at project kick-off, and seamless collaboration with external expert validators during the execution phase, all the way through to project closeout.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE and standards organizations have something truly fundamental in common: a commitment to high quality.


…producing for people

RAPTRAD IMAGINE provides support to manufacturing companies marketing goods on the global market. Having all the necessary documentation in the right languages is part of a highly complex process that keeps goods moving across borders.

Whether your company requires the translation of business documents, invoices, production processes, engineering change records, product deviation records, or factory acceptance tests, RAPTRAD IMAGINE has the language skills to deliver.


…standing strong

Defense contractors are in the unique position of supplying products and services to government defense departments. From military vehicles, weapons systems and ammunition to logistics and training, the defense sector covers a wide range of activities.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of this line of work, a trusted and reliable language service provider is essential to ensuring high levels of linguistic accuracy and strict compliance with the various military classification levels (confidential, restricted, official, unclassified, etc.).

We won’t go into too much detail here, but rest assured that RAPTRAD IMAGINE has the necessary protocols in place to provide the language services you require securely and in complete confidence.




Our secure, real-time translation engines can be useful for translating/understanding tenders, online help, and product support, etc.



Machine translation with strictly minimal corrections by a professional human translator in order to make the text understandable in compliance with the ISO 18587 standard.



Professional human translation but without the review process.



Machine translation with in-depth corrections by a professional human translator in order to make the text read naturally in the target language in compliance with the ISO 18587 standard.



Professional human translation followed by a thorough review by a second professional in compliance with the ISO 17100 standard.



Adaptation of video content into concise subtitles.



A hybrid between translation and creation for developing captivating content across cultures.

Human Translation

RAPTRAD IMAGINE has been providing high-quality human translation and linguistic services for over 40 years.

We successfully navigated globalization and the information age, and we continue to support our customers in the era of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Full human translation still ranks at the top of our service offer and is considered the gold standard for customers seeking the very highest quality. However, our approach is anything but one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer a full panel of services including automatic translation and hybrid translation, also known as MTPE. Check out our translation levels to see for yourself!

By opting for a premium service, our customers gain access to a comprehensive service package. Our base rate per word includes personalized project management, a rigorous translation, revision, and quality control process, terminology management, and post-delivery support for the integration of any corrections further to in-house review.

And do you know what sets the project managers at RAPTRAD IMAGINE apart from the competition? They are all experienced translators, so they can also address any questions you may have at any stage in the production process.

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we are committed to leveraging the linguistic and industry-specific expertise of highly qualified language professionals to make sure you get the best results.

Customized Linguistic Solutions

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, innovation is one of the four pillars of our company-wide Quality Policy. All employees are encouraged to take initiative at their level, and, over the years, we’ve learned that the complex issues our customers encounter represent valuable opportunities to drive innovation.

Our IT developers and project managers are on hand to discuss any development needs you may have, whether it’s a real-time translation app, secure AI translation services, a parser for translation quality assurance, or any other linguistic engineering services.

If you can’t find what you need on the market, there’s a good chance our IT team can create it!

Over the years, companies inevitably build up a corpus of documents and resources. At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we have the linguistic expertise to compile industry-specific dictionaries, glossaries, and technical lexicons.

These resources can be used directly by your company or leveraged by our IT department to develop customized lexical databases and unique linguistic solutions.

All our IT team members have extensive experience in linguistics and language processing. They use probabilistic models, semantic tagging, and entity recognition to develop truly innovative linguistic solutions.

Watch this space to see what they come up with next!

Linguistic Engineering

Natural language engineering is at the crossroads of information technology and linguistics, with far-reaching applications in today’s world. Language engineers utilize their expertise in linguistics to enhance interactions between humans and computers.

You may not realize it, but we all use technology that was developed using linguistic engineering, whether it’s search engines like Google or Bing, large language models like ChatGPT, computer-assisted translation tools like Trados and Déjà Vu, or even digital personal assistants like Siri and Alexa that use conversational artificial intelligence.

Natural language processing is everywhere!

Linguistic engineering is also among the services we offer at RAPTRAD IMAGINE. Our IT team has the technical skillset to develop customized tools to solve your complex language problems.

For example, our IT team successfully developed TermIA, a unique parser for writers that can be used on both bilingual and monolingual files.

We’ve also developed a collaborative digital platform for our customers called GateWor(l)ds to centralize all your translation requests, the associated deliverables, and terminology resources.

Is there a language-related issue you’d like to discuss? Contact Xavier Basquin or Layla van den Bossche to set up an appointment about developing a customized linguistic solution.

Terminology Management

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, basic terminology management is included in our translation rates. You could say it’s part of our DNA!

We know that every project represents a unique opportunity to create or enrich a company-specific glossary or lexicon. This is why we assign a linguistic coordinator to each major project.

The linguistic coordinator has extensive training in terminology and serves as a liaison between the project manager and the production team, helping to resolve any queries during the translation process and ensuring that only relevant terminology questions are submitted to the customer for validation.

Most importantly, the linguistic coordinator is responsible for capitalizing on feedback and knowledge gained over the course of the project to develop a glossary, which can be used to develop additional linguistic resources down the line.

We also use dedicated term bases to ensure all translators comply with any industry-specific terminology conventions.

During the quality control stage, we run checks between the source text and the target text using parsing technology.

We have also developed a unique checker, TermIA, that can be used to control the in-house terminology specific to every company. This innovative tool can be used to check an existing text corpus or to harmonize content created across different departments. TermIA is designed to check bilingual files and monolingual files in several European languages.

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we know from experience that consistent terminology is one of the best ways to ensure customer satisfaction, which is why we make it a top priority. Our commitment to consistency is not limited to a single file or project, it’s something we apply across the board (but with discernment – there may be a legitimate reason not to!), regardless of the originating department or source file format.

GateWor(l)ds is our collaborative translation portal. The in-house developers at RAPTRAD IMAGINE have created a user-friendly space where our customers and project managers can engage online, effectively centralizing all projects in a single convenient space.

Secure access to the site is ensured via a unique user login and password.

Once you’ve logged in, submitting a request is simple. All you have to do is follow the prompts and attach the files to be translated. Your project manager will receive a notification and draft the quote.

And if you’re in a hurry, users also have the option of getting an automatic estimate!

Deliveries are also centralized on GateWor(l)ds, so you can access all translated files within a period of 30 days after the delivery date.

The reporting module makes tracking expenditure details quick and easy, providing all the information you need in just one click.

Users also have the option of adding a terminology resources module.

Schedule a demo to see what GateWor(l)ds could do for your company.

Our in-house developers have designed a customizable terminology checker for our customers. Check terminology in just one click with TermIA!

TermIA has been designed with consistency in mind, to help companies harmonize their corporate language across sites, subsidiaries, departments, and diverse document corpora. The tool allows users to effectively eliminate any terms that shouldn’t be used for enhanced quality.

Access to TermIA requires a username and password, and the tool is currently equipped to handle the main European languages and a variety of file formats. TermIA can also generate a report that can be printed or saved for later.

TermIA can be adapted for monolingual or multilingual use, allowing users to control for consistent terminology quickly and easily.

Curious to see for yourself how TermIA can increase document readability and quality?

Search Engine Optimization

Looking to give your company’s website international reach? RAPTRAD IMAGINE specializes in translation services for global businesses, and this extends to web translation with an international focus.

We offer website localization services combining technical expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and linguistic expertise to ensure optimal digital content localization across 50 languages.

Our SEO experts will start by conducting an initial site audit, including information extraction, to prepare a detailed report.

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we have access to all the latest tools such as Google Search Console, Yoast, Semrush, Screamingfrog, Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, Lighthouse, and more. Our SEO experts use these tools to identify relevant enhancements to your company’s website in a multilingual context.

Our professional linguists have extensive experience in content localization and are trained in keyword research with a view to market localization. They are keenly aware of the importance of cultural adaptation for target markets.

In parallel to the translation process, our SEO experts will work on optimizing the technical aspects of the site to enhance the overall interface and user experience. This is also an opportunity to conduct mobile application localization and testing informed by KPIs such as search visibility, organic traffic, keyword rankings, conversions, page speed, engagement time, click-through-rate (CTR), links, etc.

RAPTRAD IMAGINE can also handle back-office tasks like integrating the translated texts.

Once the site is ready to go live, our teams remain at your disposal to make any adjustments.

This is the general outline of the process we use, but every customer is unique. The real question is: how can we help you?


…making connections

RAPTRAD IMAGINE has extensive experience working with stakeholders across the transportation industry, from public transport to private business jets and everything in between.

We have handled projects covering a wide range of topics: automotive parts, aircraft engines, production processes, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, individual vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, airport infrastructure, road, rail & maritime transport networks, electronic systems, aerial tramways, and more.

When it comes to getting people from point A to point B safely and securely, RAPTRAD IMAGINE is your trusted partner for reliable language services.

Automatic Translation

In today’s world, automatic translation resources and natural language processing (NLP) tools are readily available online. We’ve all used them!

They can certainly ensure a fast translation and produce content quickly; however, machine translation tools do not necessarily guarantee an accurate translation. And automatic translation also raises concerns about confidentiality.

Respecting the confidentiality of the material with which we are entrusted is a company-wide priority at RAPTRAD IMAGINE. We are proud to offer secure and reliable machine translation post-editing services in line with the sensitivity of our customers’ data.

At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we offer a wide panel of translation services, ranging from 100% machine translation to 100% human translation, with several options in between, depending on our customers’ needs.

Our project managers act in complete transparency with our customers, helping them to select the best option according to costs, quality, and lead times.

We leverage the power of neural networks, machine learning, and translation memory software, and we have the option of combining this technology with human translation, effectively creating a human and machine translation hybrid for optimal results.

Automatic translation also plays a key role in translation workflow optimization. For urgent translation requests, human-assisted machine translation is a valuable tool that enables us to deliver high-quality translations under tight deadlines. It really is the best of both worlds!


Select one or more success stories and complete the form to receive a download link in your inbox.

    Technical Writing

    Communicating clearly and concisely about complex topics isn’t easy in any language, which is why RAPTRAD IMAGINE is pleased to offer technical writing services in both English and French.

    Crunched for time? Staring down a tight deadline? Wondering how you’re going to get it all done with limited in-house resources? RAPTRAD IMAGINE has extensive experience in drafting and creating product documentation, technical manuals, user guides, quick-start guides featuring easy-to-understand illustrations without written text, and more; we’d be happy to help lighten your workload.

    Every technical writing project starts with a kick-off meeting. This is a valuable opportunity to define the target audience, the intended scope of use, and your expectations.

    From there, our technical authors will submit a cohesive outline, so that you can get a better idea of how the content will be structured and make any adjustments if necessary.

    Our in-house technical authors know how to get to grips with technical information quickly. Their added value lies in breaking down complex concepts into smaller, more manageable steps for a seamless user experience. Their distance from the subject helps them improve overall document readability, while also selecting or even creating any relevant graphics.

    RAPTRAD IMAGINE also offers “technical revisions” of content that has been drafted in house. And our graphic design team is available to handle any formatting aspects, especially for documents that need to be migrated from Word to InDesign.

    By conveying information clearly and accurately, your documentation is guaranteed to be easy to read and easy to understand. Another advantage? Concise, effective technical writing will in turn reduce the costs of any subsequent translations.


    …cultivating future food systems

    The agricultural revolution literally changed the way people lived. Fast forward to today and our highly complex food system, which encompasses a broad scope of business activities.

    From raising crops, livestock, and seafood, to processing, packaging, regulation, quality, safety, and sustainability, not to mention machinery, logistics, and food technology, there’s a lot going on between the farm and the fork!

    Over the past 40 years, RAPTRAD IMAGINE has acquired vast experience working for a wide variety of customers in this dynamic sector. We have a proven record of providing high-quality, accurate translations and linguistic services to major players in this truly vital, global industry.


    …knocking it out of the ballpark

    For projects dealing with sporting events and athletic equipment, you can count on RAPTRAD IMAGINE to convey your message with flying colors in any language.

    Our team members are not known to sit still when away from their desks. They enjoy a wide variety of athletic pursuits ranging from boardsports to rock climbing, not to mention running, cycling, soccer, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf, dance, yoga, fitness, and more.

    And when you stop to think about it, each sport has its own unique language. This is why it’s so important to work with language professionals who fully master the jargon.

    At RAPTRAD IMAGINE, we’re passionate about using the right terminology to resonate with sports enthusiasts of all stripes!

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