Raptrad Imagine – Honored with 2017 Safran Award

The Safran Aircraft Engines committee came to Raptrad Imagine’s offices on April 9, 2018, making it a date to remember for all present. That morning, Raptrad Imagine celebrated receiving the 2017 Safran Award (Supplier Performance Award).

The Award is granted once a year and recognizes one in over 200 Safran suppliers for quality of service and responsiveness. Rigorous monitoring by the SAE Quality department highlighted our ability to reach excellent service levels.

Raptrad Imagine has been a partner of the Safran Group for 15 years and has demonstrated the capacity to move forward alongside numerous Safran organizations by offering high-quality technical and marketing translation services, meticulously designed for each client request.

Force de proposition, Raptrad Imagine a su anticiper les besoins du géant de l’aéronautique en lui proposant des solutions innovantes en réponse à ses problématiques spécifiques.

The Award reflects our company’s quality policy, which places customer satisfaction at the core of all our decisions. It would not have been possible without the unfailing efforts of our Safran Group-dedicated team. Raptrad Imagine would like to express its sincere thanks to the Safran Group for this honor.